Welcome to the new HCOS!

We’ve worked hard over the last year to create a brand and identity that we believe represents what HCOS has become over the last 17 years. We are a community of dedicated home educators who believe children learn best in programs designed for them. Not designed by teachers alone, but in collaboration with those that know the children best, their parents.

As we worked through the branding process we wanted to ensure that we served the parents searching for a home education solution that met their needs and those already with us. This blog, @HCOS and our new site were born out of that goal.

Families that have been enrolled with HCOS know there is a wealth of information, processes and options. It was important to us that it remained easy to access. To accomplish that we created two resources:

  • @HCOS is available to families enrolled with HCOS. It is a central location to access the most important pieces of information (FAQs, logins, calendars, etc.).
  • Our blog is designed to keep you connected with what is happening around HCOS and provide resources for you as you work with your children throughout the year.

At the same time we wanted to ensure potential families were well served. Picking a school is an important decision for families and we wanted to make sure the information needed to make that decision was up front. The goal of our main site is to keep the information front and center, not hidden behind menus and long pages full of text. 

Finally, this process gave us an opportunity to introduce a merchandise store where families can get clothing, bottles and other HCOS branded items. HCOS is a community and we want you to be able to participate in school spirit and represent your school when you go out. We will be adding items as we see what is popular and, periodically, we will have themed pop-up shops with limited time items. Be sure to check out the main store and the launch pop-up today!

A rebrand is a big process for any organization and we know that there will be questions and even the odd missing link or two (our last ‘remodel’ was over 5 years ago). Our team is actively monitoring website traffic and trying to make sure missing resources are updated as soon as we get the errors. We appreciate your patience as we journey through this together. Please do not hesitate to reach out via tickets@onlineschool.ca if you have questions or concerns.

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