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Enrollment & Registration Status

2023-2024 School Year

  • We currently have openings in our Inclusive Education program for all grades.
  • Our grad program for Grades 10-12 is open for enrollment. Very limited seats are available in our K-9 enrolled program, and we are adding students to a wait list.
  • Our homeschool registered program is at capacity for this school year.
  • Please direct questions to

Looking to cross-enroll for 1 or 2 course?

What to expect after applying

  1. Complete the HCOS student application
  2. Receive a confirmation email
    • Read through the provided resources
    • For K-9 and Inclusive Education, attend an information session on Zoom
    • For Grades 10-12 (Grad), schedule an intake call with the Registrar
  3. Submit requested documentation
  4. Complete a phone call with a K-9 or Inclusive Education Regional Administrator or Grad Advisor.
  5. Student(s) are accepted  
  6. Receive a welcome email with login information
  7. Continue planning your year
  1. Complete the application
  2. Receive a confirmation email
  3. Placed on Homeschool Registered Liaison’s email list
  1. Complete the reactivation form.
  2. Receive a confirmation email.
  3. Phone call with K-9, Special Education or your Grad Advisor to confirm acceptance and to begin your student’s planning.

Enroll as a home
education student

Register as a traditional

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Families currently enrolled with HCOS can re-enroll through Encom for the upcoming school year beginning mid-January until mid-Spring, after which you can call the office to inquire about re-enrolling.

New Family Enrollment

Enrollment for new families is open. We are so glad you have chosen to enroll with us and look forward to supporting you and your children on your education journey.

Reactivate Enrollment

Reactivation is for families that were with HCOS but have been gone for more than one term. Our office staff will be happy to work with you to get your children enrolled.

Registering as a traditional homeschooler.

The registered option is an alternative method of home learning. This approach provides the freedom to school outside of the BC educational system. We welcome and support registered students by providing support from our Registered Homeschool Liaison, consultation with our Curriculum Consultant, and access to resources in the Learning Commons.

Enrolling vs Registering


  • You want the support and guidance of a BC certified teacher
  • You want feedback on your student’s work
  • You want the funding allocated to enrolled students for curricular support
  • You want full access to all the support options available to students at HCOS
  • You are committed to regular reporting and communication with your teacher


  • You want to direct your home education program without the support of a teacher
  • You do not want the requirements of reporting
  • You do not want resource funding