Welcome to a new school year!!

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead at HCOS! We are so grateful to partner with you in education and we want to warmly welcome you!

Last year we wrote about what an intense season we had been through as a school community. Here we are a year later and not much has changed. We are still navigating a pandemic and working hard to advocate for this incredible form of education, while fundraising to help support our families who are in challenging circumstances. However, in the midst of the varying challenges, we are more encouraged than ever by this amazing community and how you have all continued to move forward together.

We are excited about this year ahead and this ever expanding, diverse community that we are part of. We are privileged to welcome back our returning families and to be able to welcome many new families to our community. For those newly joining us, we hope you will find this a dynamic, warm, and innovative group of home educators who will encourage and inspire you in your home education journey.

Every year our school chooses a year long focus and this year ours is: To increase understanding of processes and simplify transitions, reducing friction and improving flow for students and staff throughout the school.

As a school we want to focus on bringing clarity and continuity across our departments so that you as families experience a seamless and consistent experience, while simultaneously enjoying the flexibility that we so highly value. We hope you see the result of this work and that your journey with HCOS becomes even more supportive during this year.

So a warm welcome to the school year with HCOS! We are so thankful you have chosen to partner with us and we pray you feel cared for and supported in your home education journey this year.

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