Student Council Announces: Community Appreciation Week – February 5-9th 2024

A message from your HCOS Student Council: 

The HCOS Student Council is inviting you to participate in a Community Appreciation week, February 5-9, 2024!!

There is always joy and a sort of glory when a positive transaction between two people is made. Whether it be words or gifts of encouragement, there is a beautiful thing about honouring another person by calling out their value. Here at HCOS, we value not only a healthy and flourishing environment, but also a godly one, full and rich of the beauty of communication. Join teachers, staff and students across the province in our first Community honour week the first week of February, 5-9th! 

But why?

Honour is a transactional process; Matthew 10:41 says, “Whoever honours a prophet in the name of a prophet receives a prophet’s reward.” Honour is biblical! We are also called to support and spur each other on (Hebrews 10:24-25), grow in our faith and conduct (1 Timothy 4:12) and bear one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2), so what better way to show light in teachers, students, and staff members’ lives than by honouring what they carry! We really want to honour, value, encourage, and call out the heart God has for each and every person because we know everyone carries something unique in the Kingdom. We have a growing Kingdom mindset and desire to be imitators of Christ, so, therefore, we want to do our best to operate the way God does, let’s run, do life, and honour the best way we can while recognizing, cheering, and supporting others!

Fellow students, why don’t we write encouraging letters or send e-gifts to teachers who mean a lot, have impacted us, or have taught us something meaningful? Why don’t we share those thoughts rather than just thinking well of others? If you have an in-person teacher or EA, why don’t we honour them with a physical card or gift?

Extra: If possible and applicable, we would love to see some photos of students and teachers meeting in person during this week and witness the gift-giving to encourage other teachers and students on! Send your photos to, and we’ll create an after-blog post about the success of this week! This is our first year of doing this, and we’re so excited for teachers, staff and students here at HCOS to continue to develop a healthy, positive and godly environment in the school, regardless of the distance.

 Brought to you by your HCOS Student Council.

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