Celebrating Chinese Heritage in Canada with Debbie Jiang

Did you know that the first NHL player of Chinese heritage was from Vernon and played in Nanaimo and Trail? Did you know that one of the only soldiers of the First World War of Chinese ethnicity was born and raised in the Shuswap?  You may find it interesting that London Drugs is owned by the grandson of Hok Yat Louie, one of B.C.’s pioneers originally from China. Who are these people and why did HCOS teacher, Debbie Jiang, write about them in Kayak Magazine’s September issue, Beyond Gold Mountain (Kayak’s #3 story of 2023!)? 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act, a federal law that many Canadians are unaware of.  The head tax collection ended with the implementation of the Exclusion Act, resulting in no further immigration from China, and preventing men from bringing over their wives and children, creating separation of families for decades. In the interest of educating students (and adults alike), Debbie was the guest editor of this special issue.  She also helped create the accompanying Educators’ Guide.  Watch for more stories written by Debbie in Canada’s History magazine in 2024!

Debbie will be presenting in Richmond on January 31st for those interested in learning more. You can visit https://hcos.ca/debbie-jiang for more information.

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