Flexible Schedules = Freedom to Train

Sloane B. is a grade 10 student who enrolled at HCOS to allow her to pursue her education and competitive pursuits in equestrian disciplines and sport climbing. Since enrolling at HCOS, Sloane has been able to achieve some notable equestrian accomplishments, including:

  • Winning  the prestigious Good and Seats Medal Finale,
  • Placing 1st and 2nd in the final qualifier of the Show Jumping Canada Hunter Derby Finals
  • Finished second in Canadian Equestrian Team Medal Regional Finals.
  • Competing  at the Royal West horse show in Calgary where, despite competing against professional equestrians, she took:
    • the bronze medal in the Show Jumping Canada Hunter Derby Finale
    • the silver medal in the Canadian Championships for the 1.20 m jumpers and 
    • the gold medal in the Canadian Equestrian Team Regional competition.

Sloane and her 3 horses are headed now to Toronto to compete, for the first time, at the Royal Winter Fair where they will represent Western Canada in the Canadian Equestrian Team Finals, the Canadian Hunter Derby finale and the Children’s Jumper Championships.

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