Celebrating Student Success & Achievement

Celebrating student success and achievement is a highlight for many families and educators. To recognize the incredible work our students do, both academically and in their community, we have developed three awards based on the HCOS Learner Profile and Biblical Attributes

Honor Roll and Principal’s List – Grades 10 through 12
This award is earned based on defined criteria and achievement in a student’s course load. For those exploring post-secondary options or bursary and scholarship applications, noting receipt of these awards can be a beneficial addition to applications.

Character Award – K through 12
HCOS teachers and staff nominate students from within the HCOS community for this award, which is given to students who demonstrate qualities from the Learner Profile or Biblical Attributes consistently throughout the year.

Service Award – K through 12
This self-nominated award is based on Community Service above and beyond course requirements. Students meet the criteria and upload documentation to receive this award. 

These awards will be announced annually following the June report card submission, and recipients will receive their certificates via email. For full details and more on award requirements and how to apply, please visit https://hcos.ca/awards. The deadline for submissions is May 15th.

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