SEAL Team Outreach Program – Guatemala

Serving others
Exploring Faith
Advancing the Gospel
Leading with Integrity
Are you looking for ways to serve the global community? Are you interested in deepening your relationship with Jesus? Have you wondered what you can do to share the love of Jesus with the world around us? 
The SEAL Team outreach program at Heritage Christian Online School is a travel and outreach program that aims to help students grow in their own faith, develop as servant leaders, and have a positive, spiritual impact on the world around them. 
This year, our team will partner with Impact Ministries in Guatemala to support their ongoing work in the region of Tactic in northern Guatemala. Our team will travel to Guatemala from May 20-30, 2024 and be involved in a variety of outreach and service activities while there. Students should budget about $2600 to cover the costs of this year’s trip and students in grades 10-12 can apply.
Team members will meet regularly throughout the school year to grow as a team and work through their Christian Studies and Leadership coursework. Student team members will earn 4 Christian Studies course credits and 4 Leadership course credits through their participation in bi-weekly zoom classes on Fridays from 9-10 am as well as the activities they are involved in while on the ground in Guatemala. 

SEAL Team Member Application form: 

For more information, contact the SEAL team leaders: 

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