November at a Glance in the Student Support Center

100 Reasons to Celebrate!

The SSC Team is jumping for joy, and here’s why: In the first month and a half of school, we had 100 students visit us or attend a workshop! Now that’s impressive! Whether new or returning, we encourage you to reach out and take part in what our team has to offer in November.

November Workshops:

November 2023

* Times listed in PST
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 697 8947 8033
Passcode: 545509

Coming Soon: Recorded workshop replays that you can watch any time!

You Heard it Here First:

When asked to share their start-of-the-year highlights and what they are most looking forward to in November, here’s what the SSC Team said …


“My September highlight was attending my brother-in-law’s wedding and celebrating my niece’s second birthday. In October, I enjoyed some baseball in the beautiful fall weather, and I am looking forward to some great HCOS team-building opportunities in November.”

Photo: Me and my niece on her second birthday.


In September, I enjoyed meeting new HCOS students/families and getting back to routine. Celebrating and supporting our new HCOS Student Council and gathering for Thanksgiving with my family were two October highlights. As for November, I am looking forward to volunteering at the local food bank with the international students who live with us.” 

Photo: My daughter Olivia and I at Coastal Black Pumpkin Fest, in Black Creek, BC.


“My September highlight was meeting so many new students and working with them on so many interesting problems and assignments! In October, I went road-tripping to Portland with my best friend Amanda! Something I’m looking forward to in November is my mom coming to Victoria to visit for a week!” 

Photo: I am stopping to ask some friendly strangers for directions in Oregon.


In September, I was excited to dive back into work and reconnect with past students and meet new ones! I also enjoyed a couple of weekend trips with my sisters; my favourite was visiting the small town of Blue Mountain. Celebrating Thanksgiving with nearly my entire family – for the first time in many years! – was my October highlight. As for November, I am most looking forward to doing everything Christmas with my mom!”  

Photo: Here I am with my sister and niece, on the Blue Mountain coaster!


My September highlight was moving into a new house and beginning reno’s. In October, I attended my brother-in-law’s wedding in Michigan. Something I’m looking forward to in November is continuing to meet new students and helping them with math!”

Photo: My wife and I all decked out for the wedding.

We’ve Got Your Back

Remember, we’re here to support you! If you have questions, need help with your coursework or setting yourself up for success, or would like to attend a workshop, reach out to us anytime!

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