Setting the Bar High

Finding the balance between academics and passions is no easy feat. As a school we are excited that we can provide flexible home education for each of our students. Coming alongside and partnering with our families to better support them in their journey. 

Our student feature is Mikayla! We had the opportunity to connect with her and hear more about her story.

How many years have you been training?
14 years

What parts of being a high level gymnast do you like best?
Going to cool destinations for gymnastics competition. Meeting new people at competitions and higher level gymnasts. Making really close friends and doing what I love with them and making memories. Being able to express myself by doing “cool” things. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you have had overcome?
Mental blocks are a big thing, I am just getting over one that happened on bars and vault. I felt like I didn’t know how to do any skills and if I would try I was just going to flop down and injure myself. Injuries are another big thing, I have gotten quite a few in the past years and those can be quite a set back. Being scared of skills is very, very hard and I have overcome my fear of many skills and am still making myself go for skills and am still scared to go for some skills. 

How has online learning helped you pursue your sport?
It makes it so much easier because my school schedule is so flexible and I can work it around gym. It also takes the social part and going to the school part out so it is less stressful. 

Here are some of her biggest victories that she is most proud of:

  • Coming second in the Western Canadian Championships on floor in 2019
  • Coming second at the International Gymnix meet in 2019
  • Winning the Canadian National Championships All Around
  • Winning the BC Championships 

Thank you for sharing your story with us, we are so proud of you Mikayla and cannot wait to see what will come next!

We know that many of our students have unique stories like this, and we would love to have the opportunity to feature you and your story! Please connect with us through our Behind the Screens initiative for more information. 

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