Homeschool Registered

This page will get you started in the registration process as a Home-Schooler.
If you are enrolling as a full Distributed Learning Student (DL Program), click here.

Please note:

Homeschooling Registrations must be received, and processed, before September 30th in order to receive any funding benefits.
It is the requirement and responsibility of each HCOS Registered Family to re-register with the school each year.

We understand that not every home educator wants the accountability that comes with being enrolled with a DL program. Sections 12 and 13 of the School Act allow for families to register students as home learners. Parents who choose to register must provide their children with "a program", but they are not in any way accountable to the Ministry of Education and are not required to follow the Provincial Learning Outcomes. This differs from a DL program, where a student is enrolled, in terms of funding and expectations from the Ministry.

We provide our registered families with a acceptable amount in reimbursements for learning resources. These funds will be released after November 1st, providing the family has submitted receipts to us. We also encourage our registered families to become a part of our online community. (Call our office for amounts)

Homeschooled Reimbursement forms can be found here.

Benefits of registering with Heritage Christian Online School:

  • Supportive and dynamic online community
  • 1 Hour of consultation with our Curriculum Consultants
  • A reimbursement after November 1st for learning resources.
  • 10% discount for Online courses (including online subscription to Rosetta Stone for second language)
  • Online Subscriptions available to registered homeschoolers include the following: Canadian Reader, EBSCOhost and Explora, GALE CENGAGE Learning, Learn360, PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next, RightNow Media, What in the World?, World Book, and a reduced cost for a BrainPOP subscription. The username/password for The Canadian Reader and What in the World? will be emailed to the homeschool families when we receive them (usually monthly).
  • Access to the physical and digital Learning Commons.
  • Subscription to the HCOS newsletter

Please contact us if you have any further inquiries to the differences of our programs at: 1-877-862-2375 or 862-2376 if calling from the Kelowna Area or email us at

To register through us, please visit our online Registration Form.