Exploring, Growing and Leading Together with the Adventure Discipleship Program

In part 3 of our look at innovative and engaging programs at HCOS, we’ve got the Adventure Discipleship program, an opportunity to explore the outdoors and learn with fellow students.

Are you a grade 10-12 student wanting to challenge yourself in faith and life while adventuring in the wild of God’s Creation?

If so, you may want to consider the Adventure Discipleship Program (ADP) with HCOS.

The Adventure Discipleship Program allows students to complete up to 12 credits toward their graduation requirements.  Students work toward credit for PE/Outdoor Education, Christian Studies and Leadership while also preparing for (and participating in!) a week-long backpacking trip. Previous trip locations have included the South Chilcotin Mountains, Cape Scott, Strathcona, and the Nootka Trail.

Imagine…a week backpacking in God’s wild with fellow students and professional guides…as part of your school year! For more information or to sign-up, please get in touch with James Nelson (jnelson@onlineschool.ca) or Mark Lamden (mlamden@onlineschool.ca).

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