Homeschool Registered

This page will get you started in the registration process as a Home-Schooler.
If you are enrolling as a full Distributed Learning Student (DL Program), click here.

Homeschooling is an alternative method of teaching offered outside the B.C. educational system. Typically, a family member delivers the entire educational program to children at home. 

Heritage Christian Online School welcomes and supports registered homeschoolers by providing:

  • A supportive and dynamic online community
  • 1 Hour consultation with our Curriculum Consultant
  • Access to our Homeschool Registered Liaison
  • Access to the physical and digital Learning Commons with 5 free physical resource returns (limited to 35 items per shipment)
  • Access to Digital Unit Kits. Please note that registered patrons do not have access to Physical Unit Study Kits, Special Education material, or MakerEd resources, and are subject to a limit of 8 media items which includes DVDs and CDs.
  • Ten Online Subscriptions available to registered homeschoolers (see Learning Commons Registered vs. Enrolled page)
  • Subscription to the HCOS newsletter
  • A reimbursement after November 1st for learning resources

For a comparision of registered homeschooling and enrolled Distributed Learning view the table below.

Homeschool Registration DL Enrollment
Must meet BC Learning Standards
Must participate in provincial testing (FSA, Literacy & Numeracy Assessments)
Learning is guided and evaluated by a certified teacher
Eligible to receive a BC Dogwood Graduation Certificate
Eligible to select curriculum of choice
Eligible to receive Ministry of Education funding
* Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS) provides resources for registered families by reimbursing some educational related expenses. These funds will be released after November 1st, providing the family has submitted receipts and the homeschool reimbursement form to the office before April 15. For more information on reimbursements please call 1-877-862-2375.


Homeschooling registrations must be received, and processed, before September 30th in order to receive any funding benefits. It is the requirement and responsibility of each HCOS registered family to re-register with the school each year.

To register as a Registered Homeschooler click the button below. If you believe DL Enrolment would suit you better please click here.

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