Enrollment vs Registered

Must meet Provincial Curriculum Competencies


Homeschooling parents must provide their children with an educational program, but are not required to meet the Provincial Curriculum Competencies.


The Provincial Curriculum Competencies are a set of goals to ensure your child receives a well-rounded education. We offer a flexible approach, maintaining your educational philosophy while meeting the curriculum competencies in ways that suit your family's method of learning.

Learning is guided and evaluated by a teacher


Homeschooling parents are independently responsible for the education of their children. We do however encourage our registered families to become a part of our supportive and dynamic online community.


Our teachers are here to support your child every step of the way.

For individualized courses, our teachers will stay in regular (at least weekly) contact, and you will need to be accountable to submit a portfolio of your child’s work three times a year.

For our online courses, assessment is handled within the course.

Choose your own curriculum


Homeschooling parents are free to use their preferred curriculum. HCOS provides our registered families 1 Hour of consultation with our Curriculum Consultants.


Choose from our online curriculum, or, let our team work with you to build a comprehensive program for your child based around your preferred curriculum.

Receive Ministry of Education funding


The BC Ministry of Education provides minimal funding to the homeschool student’s school of register, to cover administrative expenses. From this HCOS provides our registered families with an acceptable amount in reimbursements for learning resources (Call our office for amounts). These funds will be released after November 1st, providing the family has submitted receipts to us.


The BC Ministry of Education provides funding for DL students. HCOS provides its families with a generous curriculum budget. We've arranged with a number of suppliers and vendors to provide for the curriculum needs of families. Our PO# system and teacher support make curriculum purchases an easy process.

For more information see www.bced.gov.bc.ca/dist_learning/dl_vs_homeschool.htm