Teacher Profile

Isaiah 61

An HCOS teacher is

a resourceful and innovative educator
growing in wisdom
embracing flexibility
and continually reflecting on their practice,

passionate about learning
humbly building relationships
centered in Christ and founded on grace,

a professional
who demonstrates technical proficiency
values collaboration and healthy communication
while partnering with the families and learners they serve.


  • Resourceful

    Teachers will take initiative to meet the individual needs of learners with applicable and appropriate educational materials.

  • Innovative

    Teachers will aspire to be creative risk takers with a willingness to meet the needs of families through new ideas that complement and extend student learning.

  • Wise

    Teachers will seek God’s wisdom to ground their practice in the discernment of truth.

  • Flexible

    Teachers will adapt to new information, systems, thinking and expectations, maintaining standards of quality while accommodating the unique style and approach of students and families.

  • Reflective

    Teachers will aspire to intentionally and objectively reflect on, grow and improve their professional practice.


  • Passionate

    Teachers will be deeply invested in lifelong learning, modelling enthusiasm and inspiring wonder.

  • Humble

    Teachers will recognize their reliance on God, actively place others before themselves, and graciously give and receive feedback.

  • Relational

    Teachers will intentionally build meaningful connections, creating trusting and supportive community amongst colleagues, students and families.

  • Christ-Centered

    Teachers will seek to know, follow and model Christ in all areas of their practice.

  • Gracious

    Teachers will be approachable, forgiving and patient, extending care and favour.


  • Professional

    Teachers will demonstrate excellence as they meet or exceed the expectations of a professional educator.

  • Technically Proficient

    Teachers will value the importance technology plays in their role by taking the initiative to learn and develop their skills, utilizing provided technical support systems.

  • Collaborative

    Teachers will intentionally connect with and value ideas from all stakeholders who are jointly working towards student success.

  • Communicative

    Teachers will listen and respond using professional etiquette to maintain timely and supportive communication with students, parents, and colleagues.

  • Servant

    Teachers will actively serve God and others in humility.