Mission Statement

To develop innovative Christ-centered educational opportunities for learners to explore and embrace God's unique purpose.


  • Academic Success engaged lifelong learners

    We aim to inspire every student to become a passionate learner who reaches towards their personal best while continually seeking out opportunities to grow. Our goal is that students leave HCOS having developed the skills and tools to remain discerning lifelong learners.

  • Relationship intentional supportive community

    Responding to the needs of our families, we develop a variety of opportunities for students to connect, to learn together and to build supportive community. Our teachers and staff pray for, encourage and come alongside our students and families as we partner with them in their academic journey.

  • Integrity authentic Christ followers

    One of the definitions of integrity is the quality or state of being complete or undivided. We believe this wholeness can only be found in Christ. Our desire for our students and, by extension their families, is to walk in the fullness of an authentic relationship with Christ within a supportive community that prays together, challenges each other and shares life together.

  • Flexibility personalized learning choices

    Just as every student is unique, their learning should be as well. We value creating individualized learning plans for every student that are designed to provide a flexible and tailored education, empowering and supporting parents as we partner with them. We strive to create innovative opportunities including individualized home education, any pace online courses, community building face-to-face learning groups, cross-enrolled options and much more.