Learner Profile

Isaiah 61

An HCOS learner is
a reflective and adaptable thinker
who is inquisitive
discerning, and full of wonder at God’s world,

and sustained by hope
with a merciful
and empathetic heart,

and an advocate who is responsive to the needs of others
serving in order to have an impact
on a world in need of redemption.


  • Reflective

    Students will thoughtfully consider their learning, ideas and experiences to seek to understand themselves and their world.

  • Adaptable

    Students will demonstrate the ability to be flexible in their thinking and respond with agility.

  • Inquisitive

    Students will ask insightful questions, probe for deep meaning, and actively investigate areas of interest in order to become lifelong learners.

  • Discerning

    Students will consider what they are learning with careful judgement.

  • Full of Wonder

    Students will be in awe of God and his creation.


  • Courageous

    Students will gain confidence from the knowledge of God’s sovereignty.

  • Hopeful

    Students will approach situations with assurance, trusting in God’s promises.

  • Merciful

    Students will be forgiving and compassionate towards those who are in need.

  • Humble

    Students will recognize their reliance on God, actively putting others before themselves.

  • Empathetic

    Students will seek to understand and share in the experiences of others.


  • Advocate

    Students will challenge attitudes, behaviors, and policies that perpetuate injustice and deny God’s desire for all creation to flourish.

  • Responsive

    Students will be engaged learners, responding positively and sensitively to the world around them.

  • Servant

    Students will actively work, serving God and others with a humble heart.

  • Impactful

    Students will seek to make the world a better place, according to God’s desire for creation.

  • Redemptive

    Students will act to be part of God’s plan to reconcile all things, healing brokenness and enabling others to find freedom.