Biblical Attributes

Isaiah 61

At HCOS we desire that all students become people who are assured of God’s love, aware of his grace, growing in wisdom and commissioned for the Gospel,

loving God through
and righteousness

and loving their neighbour through
and community

in order to fulfill God’s mandate of restoration.

Biblical Attributes

  • Assurance

    Students will become aware of the certainty of God’s enduring love, protection, provision, and dominion.

  • Commissioned

    Students will seek to understand the truth and liberty of the gospel, so that they may effectively invite others into a relationship with Jesus.

  • Community

    Students will discover that they have a unique role to play in a living and growing community; they will seek to discover their own gifts and skills, and to affirm the gifts and skills of others.

  • Grace

    Students will grow in their appreciation for the beauty of grace and the lengths Christ went through to offer undeserved favour.

  • Repentance

    Students will seek to continually reorient their lives toward Christ, in order to imitate him in their beliefs, emotions, motivations, and decisions.

  • Restoration

    Students will become aware of the call to be compassionate peacemakers, and to be participants in God’s mission to bring about the restoration and reconciliation of all things according to his intention for creation.

  • Righteousness

    Students will grow in their understanding of how sin creates a barrier in the relationship between Creator and creation, and will seek to live lives characterized by love, justice and integrity.

  • Servanthood

    Students will desire to humbly serve and compassionately give of themselves to others.

  • Stewardship

    Students will learn about humanity’s mandate to care for creation.

  • Wisdom

    Students will look to God as their source of knowledge and understanding and will become discerning learners.

  • Worship

    Students will revel in the wonder of God’s beauty, power and goodness, as they recognize his work in the world and in their own lives.