The Graduation Program

Grounded in the school’s values of academic success, relationship, integrity and flexibility, the grad program is here to support you in the final few years of your educational journey. We hope to partner together to develop a personalized plan for you that supports your educational and spiritual goals on your path to graduation. Whether that is a completely individualized program, online courses, community connections classes, or taking part in some of each, our goal is to support you as you plan for your future.

Grad Program Staff

Our staff is committed to helping you have a successful and engaging experience with Heritage Christian Online School. To support your programs, here are the people on your team:

Please feel free to contact the Grad Advisor from your Region:

  • Applied Skills

    Aimee Imbeau, Cam Brown, James Nelson, Joris Kempers, Mark Daley, Wolfgang Schrottner

  • Career Education

    Tara Klukas, James Nelson

  • Christian Studies

    Brian Oger, David Laird, Eric Vanee, James Nelson, Mark Daley

  • English Language Arts

    Beth Daley, Brian Oger, Cam Brown, David Laird, James Nelson, Mark Daley, Sarah Laurie

  • Fine Arts

    Lori Taetz, Ryan Titley, Sarah Laurie, Steve Codling

  • Foreign Languages

    Blane Despres, Cam Brown, Carrie Despres, Catherine Lisimaque, Cindy Keung, Jacquie Chelini, Lesley Schrottner, Lorena Von Riesen, Wolfgang Schrottner

  • Mathematics

    Anthony Kuchma, Bruce Merz, Bruce Peers, Lara Merz, Ryan Johnston, Titus Heckel

  • Physical and Health Education

    Eric Vanee, Lesley Schrottner

  • Science

    Cam Brown, Heather Loenen, Keith Robinson, Diana Monhinger, Matthew Duggan, Richard Hewko, Trish VanDop

  • Social Studies

    Brian Oger, Cam Brown, Eric Vanee, Mark Daley

  • Other Grad Electives

    Cam Brown, Chris Robinson, Gord Holden, Holly Bell, James Nelson, Joris Kempers, Lara Merz, Mark Daley, Matthew Duggan, Patrick Bell, Titus Heckel

Planning your Graduation Years

HCOS offers you the flexibility to design your High School experience with a variety of different learning options. All courses provide credit towards your BC Dogwood Diploma.

In discussion with your Grad Advisor, you will create a plan that is unique to you and best supports your goals and aspirations. Your plan may include some of the following options:

HCOS’ online course catalogue provides engaging online learning and all the resources needed to cover course content, curricular competencies and help students to grow in the core competencies. All courses are supported by a passionate subject specialist.

We offer flexible pacing through two options:

  1. Asynchronous: work at your own pace to complete the course within twelve months from activation date.
  2. Synchronous cohorts: work at the same pace as your peers, meeting regularly on Zoom with your online teacher.

Do you have a favorite curriculum you like to use but are not sure if it meets the ministry outcomes? HCOS offers hybrid courses, where you choose your curriculum from a list of popular options. Our teachers will guide you through completing the course competencies by using your chosen curriculum and additional supplementary material as needed. Hybrid courses can be completed at any pace over twelve months with the support of a subject specialist teacher and are hosted through our learning management system, Moodle.

HCOS is known for its flexibility and willingness to personalize student learning through individualized courses.

Individualized courses are offered at any pace, with up to one year to complete the course. You and your family will work alongside a subject specialist to create a Student Learning Plan (SLP) where you can help design a course that is suited to your strengths and interests while covering the course content, curricular and core competencies.

Additional credit can be earned through programs and assessments that are developed and taken outside the BC school system and regular classroom setting. Some options include equivalency, course challenges, Royal Conservatory of Music, 4H, or IB courses. Students will be required to provide all documentation of completed courses to their Grad Advisor to determine available credits for your learning.

Below are some planning sheets to help you begin exploring your options and creating a plan for your grad years. For information on specific courses, please use the course library link below to explore the variety of course offerings and options that HCOS provides for students. As you begin to think about your grade 10-12 years, if you have questions about what courses to take or what your options are, please connect with your Grad Advisor and they will be happy to help you create a plan that works for your overall goals. If you would like to discuss options for an individualized course or see a sample Student Learning Plan, your Grad Advisor can connect you with specific course teachers who can provide you with more information.

Please remember a full course load is approximately 8 courses per year.

Please contact your Grad Advisor or make use of the course planning worksheets provided:

Your Graduation Program

British Columbia Ministry of Education Information

A British Columbia Education is a highly sought after, and world renowned education program. BC offers many different ways of graduating within the province and the outline of the options can be found here. Options include: A British Columbia Dogwood Diploma, the Adult Graduation Program or a School Completion Certificate. Make you you take the time to read through the options - as always, your Grad Advisor is there to answer any questions you might have!

Every year the Ministry releases a Grad Planner document that outlines the graduation requirements, options for earning credit, provincial exams and assessments, award and scholarship opportunities and links to additional resources.

The Dogwood Planner contains additional information on provincial exams and assessments, receiving and sending transcripts, applying to post-secondary institutions and much more.

Please use these planners as guides to help you navigate your way through your graduation years.

HCOS Grad Program Support

The Grad team is here to support you in your educational journey. Remember, your regional Grad Advisor is your point of contact for everything Grad Program. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to connect, please feel free to send them a message!

Our Grad Advisor’s host their own web-page with events, news and HCOS specific information that is updated frequently. We invite you to come check it out - see what’s happening, and get connected!

If you’re interested in enrolling with Heritage's Grad Program please click here. We look forward to supporting you!