Graduation Program

If you are looking to design an educational plan that will suit your personal needs, encourage you to develop spiritually as well as academically, and allow you the flexibility to work at any pace, any place, our options may be just what you are looking for! The word ‘Christian’ in our title is not just part of our name, but a very defining factor in who we are. We combine quality educational choices with Christian values, and, in our online course department, we make available to you some of the most innovative and engaging online courses in the world.

Grad Program Staff

Our staff is committed to helping you have a successful and engaging experience with Heritage Christian Online School. To support your programs, here are the people on your team:

We are pleased to provide you with the following Grad Advisors, listed by Region:

  • English Department:

    Mark Daley, Tara Klukas, Sarah Laurie, David Laird, James Nelson

  • Social Studies Department:

    Cam Brown, Eric Vanee

  • Science Department:

    Heidi Christison, Carolyn Gomes, Richard Hewko, Heather Loenen, Keith Robinson

  • Math Department:

    Peter Enns, Titus Heckel, Ryan Johnston, Anthony Kuchma, Bruce Merz, Bruce Peers

  • Foreign Languages:

    Carrie Despres, Blaine Despres, Rachael Halliday, Cindy Keung, Lesley Schrottner, Wolfgang Schrottner

  • Christian Studies:

    Mark Daley, David Laird, James Nelson

  • Physical Education:

    Lesley Grant, Eric Vanee

  • Planning 10 & Grad Transitions:

    Sue Savard, Lauren Savard

  • Other Electives:

    Holly Bell, Patrick Bell, Cam Brown, Delayne Cama Moroka, Steve Codling, Mark Daley, Michael Goodman, Gord Holden, Aimee Imbeau, Paul Kane, Joris Kempers, Lori Taetz, Ryan Titley, Jeremy Tjosvold, Lara Merz, Lee MacLennan, Amber McLeod, Chris Robinson

Courses & Credits

Earning Transcript Credit

At HCOS, we offer students the opportunity to gain Graduation Program Course Credits for their official transcript by completing any combination of Online, Individualized, and/or External Credit courses.

  • provides the student with the lessons, resources and direct support of a course specialist teacher that they need to be successful in a course.
  • requires less parental support (although parental supervision with pacing is required)
  • all lessons and student work submissions are stored in Moodle – our passcode protected online learning platform.
  • Online courses are offered at any pace and a student has one year from enrollment to complete the course.
  • For a list of Online courses offered in the Grad Program, please go to
  • offers students the opportunity to gain course credits by creating an Individualized Student Learning Plan (SLP) with their support teacher and working on the Ministry requirements in a variety of ways during their school year.
  • while a student may choose to do core courses (English, Social Studies etc.) as Individualized Courses, students more often create an Individualized Course SLP for courses that we do not offer in an Online version (eg Music, Foods and Nutrition).
  • This option requires more parental input and supervision and weekly/biweekly communication with the support teacher is required.
  • To see some sample SLPs for Individualized Courses, scroll down this page.
  • Other course credentials can be earned through programs and assessments that are developed outside the BC school system and taken either inside or outside the regular classroom setting (Equivalency, Course Challenge, Royal Conservatory of Music, 4H, AP or IB courses).
  • To have these credits applied to their transcript, a student will need to send copies of the required documentation to the school office for processing.

Here is a list of Individualized, Online, External, Learning Services and Grade 9 (Grad Program) options that we currently offer. Support teachers are also listed here.

Note: when selecting courses, it is a good idea to note that a full student course load is usually 8 courses in one school year. When planning your course work for the year, use our Course Planning Worksheet.

Student Learning Plans (SLPs) and Course Descriptions:

Getting Started

The first step towards graduation is to understand your options in BC.

These are best outlined at the BC Ministry of Education website on a page that explains BC’s Graduation Programs and in our document Grad Options. The Ministry of Education has also released a Grad Planner and Dogwood Planner: documents published for B.C. secondary students. These documents complement one other, providing helpful information and answering the common questions you may have in your Graduation Years.

  • The Grad Planner outlines graduation requirements, options for earning credit, exams, awards and scholarships and links to additional resources.
  • The Dogwood Planner contains additional information on provincial examinations, receiving and sending transcripts, applying to post-secondary institutions and much more.

ALL students in Grades 10 - 12 should use them as guides to navigate through the graduation years, and on to the life after high school.

There are also quite a few ways to get course credits in BC, so be sure to read through our Graduation Credit Options document in order to be better informed about your choices.

Please download our Grad Program Info Guide.

It will give you all sorts of valuable information about our program and help you understand the basics of planning a year in our Grad Program.

Finally, please become familiar with our Grad Program Staff.

All our staff are dedicated Christian educators looking forward to inspiring and supporting you as you engage in the course opportunities available to you here. They see the work they do as a ministry, not just a job, so enjoy collaborating with them. May God guide and bless you now, and in the years to come.

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