Travel & Outreach Programs

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Adventure Discipleship Program

The Adventure Discipleship Program is a unique opportunity for adventurers at heart - An opportunity to explore and grow your passion for Christ within the context of exploring outdoor adventure. In the program, students will learn practical outdoor recreational skills while earning high school credits, and work towards participating in a week long group expedition in the natural beauty of God’s Creation. Previous Adventure Discipleship trips have included: backpacking trips to BC’s coastal areas (The Nootka Trail, Cape Scott), and mountain trips in Strathcona and the South Chilcotin Mountains. These epic trips compliment student coursework in areas of PE, Applied Skills, Leadership and Christian Studies. Students will also be encouraged to gain industry level certification in outdoor skill areas of choice.

Global Citizenship Program

The GCP Program is an amazing 6-week leadership program that combines cultural education, missionary work, and team building like you won’t find anywhere else. Through travelling to Mexico and doing volunteer work, cultural and communication studies, and living with 20 + of their peers, our students come back more inspired and with an increased desire to change the world.

Comparative Civilizations

Comparative Civilizations 12 Europe trip is an exciting Spring Break educational trip to Greece and Italy featuring a complete program of courses. Using a distinctively Christian analytical schema, students will examine the history, literature, art, and philosophy of the ancient civilizations, which have defined the 'western story'. Students will study and compare political, social, and economic structures and, as believers, will pay particular attention to the underlying cultural mythos which orients their thinking, establishes their habits of thought, and animates their everyday way of life and being.