Immersive Technologies

Your typewriter is gone, along with the 20th Century and passive 2D learning. Now, through virtual technologies provided by platforms such as AW3DU, Thinking Worlds, DimensionU, and BrainPop, students may get to learn about wolf behaviour by experiencing what it is like to be a wolf, and member of a Yellowstone National Park pack. They will learn about the evolution of democracy by visiting the Acropolis, the Roman Senate, and the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.

Students become active participants in their own learning, racing chariots in the Circus Maximus, exploring the interior of the Great Pyramid, or joining the Magi as they travel to Bethlehem. This program stresses authentic, contextual, active learning. Students will be exposed to biblical truths, and be given the opportunity to express these in a safe and encouraging environment. It’s likely that students involved in this program will participate in more reading, writing, research, and organization than usual. As pioneers they will be challenged both academically and creatively with a full commitment to excellence. This program is a good fit for those with a passion for the use of technology and a mind brimming with imagination and innovation.

In addition to the Special Education and Art classes run through IMT, there was a very exciting development this last year as our IMT French (Level 1) program got underway. It was phenomenally popular with both the students and their parents. So much so that we are expanding the French to level 2 as well this year, and have hired a Spanish teacher to take on IMT Spanish (Level 1). 

Introductory Summer Camps are available for students going into grades 5-8. Spaces are limited. To apply to join this team of 21st century academic explorers please contact Gord Holden at