Immersive Technologies

Virtual Worlds

Your typewriter, a relic of the 20th Century, has been replaced by computers and mobile devices. Now virtual technologies create 3D virtual environments where learning is now immersive, engaging, and active.

Grade 8 students exploring the evolution of democracy.

Whether attending a celebration featuring the main characters of Aesop’s Fables, or holding class devotions in the catacombs beneath the streets of Ancient Rome, our unique synchronous programs provide authentic and meaningful learning. Students explore and practice their faith in safe, encouraging environments as they prepare to become witnesses to a generation inhabiting a technology driven world. They will be challenged both academically and creatively by teachers committed to academic success. This program is a good fit for students passionate about using technology but accessible to students just learning about technology.

Below is a list of current course offerings that includes our integrated Virtual World (VW) Core programs for grades 5-8, Special Education and Art classes, and our VW French and Spanish (Levels 1-4)  programs. These are very popular with both the students and their parents).

VW Core 5 VW Core 6 VW Core 7 VW Core 8
VW French Level 1 VW French Level 2 VW French Level 3 VW French Level 4
VW Spanish Level 1 VW Spanish Level 2 VW Spanish Level 3 VW Spanish Level 4
VW Art 8 Semester 1 VW Art 8 Semester 2    

Our VW Core program pairs 3DU with Thinking Worlds to enrich Language Arts, Science, Socials, Bible, and ADST. Students have found this mastery based approach to be an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Introductory Summer Camps are available for students going into grades 5-8. Spaces are limited. To join this team of 21st century academic explorers please contact Gord Holden at

Virtual Worlds - Special Education

The SE VW program meets the individual educational needs of every student whether adapted or modified. The foundation of this program is to mentor, build relationships, and plant God’s Word into each and every student. To, if needed, guide them to Christ, and help develop, through ongoing Bible devotionals and discussions, their faith in and knowledge of God’s love for them.

Courses covered include:

  • Applied Design, Skills, and Technology (ADST)
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Bible

Coursework is delivered online via Google Classroom*, however, if needed, assignments can be printed.

*NOTE: Google Classroom requires parent consent to the provision and use of a G Suite for Education account.

Available Courses

Minecraft Courses

HCOS also offers Minecraft courses for students. These offerings engage student interest while delivering content in a personally meaningful manner. If you have a child who has always wanted to use Minecraft or is already engage with it, using the resource for an educational purpose might be a great step. We have a closed server where students engage in directed activities to complete coursework under supervision. Students complete work in this environment and through assignments delivered via Moodle.

ADST: Design Thinking Through Minecraft 5 and 6 (Module) ADST: Lua Programming Through Minecraft 8 and 9 (Module) French Levels 1 & 2