Resources and Curriculum

All purchasing MUST be completed before April 15th, 2020 for 2019/20 PO Numbers. Remember, even if your favourite is not on this list, the chances are that we can get it for you! Let us help you!

Please Note: Parents who order from US vendors to Canada are responsible for any customs or brokerages fees.
Parents CANNOT ship to a US address, even with cheaper postage, as HCOS, as the owner of the curriculum, would be liable for brokerage and customs fees.

We offer a variety of resources to help families get curriculum and other school supplies such as pre-made resources packages, and science kits. Be sure to look through our extensive list of Resource Vendors which accept HCOS PO numbers!

Resource Vendors

View an extensive list of approved vendors, curriculum suppliers, and educational service providers which accept HCOS Purchase Order numbers.

New Curriculum Purchasing Procedure

New guidelines have changed how HCOS can process the purchasing of resources from companies that do not accept HCOS PO#s.

Suggested Homeschooling Resources

Our staff has pulled together a list of curriculum choices for HCOS parents to help with the difficult decision of choosing curriculum for their children.

Curriculum Picks

We have collaborated with resource vendors to develop curriculum packages that will help you meet the requirements of BC’s new curriculum standards.

Resource Kits

These Unit Study Kits are offered to HCOS families through our Learning Commons to help you meet the goals of BC’s new curriculum standards.