Memorization Challenge

Welcome to the 2016-2017 HCOS Memorization Challenge!  The HCOS memorization challenge has been a blessing to me and my family for the last number of years. By starting to memorize Scripture at a young age, your children will have years of verses coming to mind and giving them peace, comfort and direction in their lives.

This year’s challenge is set in Psalms and focuses on chapters that give us comfort, encouragement and a sense of God’s sovereignty.  They are chapters that have spoken to me while contending with some difficulties throughout the summer.

There are 4 categories to choose from.

  • 1 verse/month = 10 verses (certificate)

There will be prizes for the following categories in addition to a certificate:

  • 36 verses ~ about 1 a week
  • 68 verses ~ about 2 a week
  • 99 verses ~ about 3 a week

Memorize one of the categories above, and recite verses memorized last year as well for a bonus prize.

Here are some recommended verses for the goals.

  • 10 verses – Psalm 30:1-10
  • 36 verses – Psalm 30, Psalm 31
  • 68 verses - Psalm 30, Psalm 31, Psalm 147, Psalm 103:1-12
  • 99 verses - Psalm 30, Psalm 31, Psalm 147, Psalm 103, Psalm 4

Choose your goals, and start memorizing today!

Here are some commonly asked questions about the HCOS Memorization Challenge:

Do I need to register my children for the HCOS Memorization Challenge?

YES! Choose their goal for memorization, choose the verses, register on the link below, and then start memorizing! Remember to continue to review previously memorized verses. If your child recites both this year’s new verses and last year’s verses in one sitting, by the deadline, there is a special prize.

Our family would like to choose our own verses. May we do this?

YES! Please feel free to choose your own verses that fit in the the goal numbers for the year. It is so beneficial to choose verses that resonate with your family. The recommendations are for those who want help choosing.

Our family has not completed our goals from last year and would like to continue on these goals. Can this be used for the Challenge this year?

Yes. Any NEW verses can be counted towards this year; previously memorized verses can be used for review.

My child memorizes verses in Awana and Sunday School. Can they use these verses?

Yes, they may use these verses towards the HCOS Memorization Challenge. The categories this year are 10 (certificate), 34, 65 and 100 verses. They will need to review and be able to say all their verses in one sitting to a non-immediate family member by May 26, 2017 (so try to schedule memorizing all your verses in enough time for review before that date). Remember to work on references! Verses of your choice can also be used for the Memorization Challenge. The only parameter is that they must be NEW verses, not previously memorized by the student.

Are there prizes for memorizing?

Yes. Prizes will be awarded for the categories of 36 (1verse/week), 68 (2 verses/week), and 99 verses (3 verses/week). There will be a certificate for those who memorize 10 verses (1 verse/month). If your child recites both this year’s new verses and last year’s verses by the deadline, there is a special prize (so keep reviewing).

Is there a registration fee to join the HCOS memorization Challenge?

No, there is no registration fee, but you do need to register. Let your teacher know that you are joining the Challenge, so it can be included in your child’s SLP.

Please register by October 2, 2016.

When is the deadline to complete and report the memorization?

The deadline to complete the HCOS Memorization Challenge is May 26, 2017. To be eligible for a prize, the student must say all their verses in one sitting to a non-immediate family member (grandparents/aunts/uncles are fine). More specific details regarding this will be in the upcoming newsletters. Remember to keep reviewing throughout the year as all verses need to be recited in one sitting.


Begin the Memorization Challenge right away! You may need the time at the end of memorizing to review your verses, so begin right away. There are charts available for you to fill in from the date you start to keep on track. These are available in the registration link or by emailing

Enjoy the comfort and encouragement of God’s Word while memorizing the verses for this year’s Scripture Memory challenge.

Registration link

2016-2017 Scripture Memory Registration