HCOS Mascot Contest & Esports

HCOS has been a school for over 16 years and believe it or not, we’ve never had a school mascot! Well, that is about to change. We are launching our first team sport and need a team name and mascot. Do you have what it takes to create a stellar HCOS mascot? Do you have ideas for a school team name?

Fill out our mascot suggestion form with your ideas! You can suggest just a name, submit an image or both!

Prizes will be given to the top three entries and maybe your suggestion will help form the new HCOS Mascot!

So, get started! The contest closes January 31st!

But how does an online school do sports?

HCOS has partnered with TrueNorth Esports to offer a fun, competitive team experience for our students. For our initial pilot we will be playing Rocket League. Students will be placed into teams of 3 and given the opportunity to compete against other students across Canada under the supervision of our HCOS Coach.

For more information, check out our HCOS Esports page in the Information for Families book in SOPHIE. This page provides the context, details and an explanation of the reason why we believe this is a good opportunity for some students.

We hope this will be the beginning of a variety of future creative school sports options at HCOS.

Visit the Learning Groups webpage in mid-January for more information on joining the HCOS Esports team!

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