Grad Prep Program 2014-15
Grades 8 & 9

Helping bridge the elementary to secondary learning experience academically, technically and socially from a Christian perspective
Thanks for taking the time to read about the HCOS Grad Prep Program! If you have any questions about where to start, please email us at . We look forward to working with your family and getting to know your one-of-a-kind student!

GPP Goals


  • communicate standards and expectations of higher elementary/high school
  • foster peer-support
  • help students & parents identify skills in core subject areas and means to achieve them


  • prepare students for online coursework
  • use online software & tools: i.e. eportfolios, NING, Blackboard, Skype, presentations, blogs and much more


  • provide an online Christian community of peers and teachers that brings support and celebrates each others’ talents
  • help students through the ‘middle years’ with bullying, peer-pressure, anxiety etc.

GPP Structure

The GPP program has 3 teachers to support you. We specialize in and manage different subject areas, trying our best to help students succeed.

The Grad Prep Program is a hybrid between being schooled at home, being in a face to face school and taking online courses. When you enroll in the GPP Program, a fee of $100 will be deducted from your curriculum budget from your non-restricted funds.

Live Events

Students and teachers meet twice a month in a virtual classroom to learn and share together. These meetings generally last for 1 - 1.5 hours. We take attendance at these events as participation counts towards Health & Career and Information Technology marks (and often other subjects as well), but if a student cannot attend, they can watch the recording later.

Weekly Emails

Students send in a weekly email every week. We provide a template to work with, but students will need coaching and assistance from parents in developing this habit and skill. Success in many subjects hinges on the effective use of regular weekly emails.

A new option being introduced is the homeroom check-in - small groups of students meet with a GPP teacher via Skype and do weekly emails together a few times during the month.

GPP Course Site

GPP has its own website where we keep all important information. Once you are enrolled in GPP, you will get access to this website. Work samples, weekly emails, subject information and group communication will be managed from within this website.

Report Cards

Report cards are written three times a year and marks for each subject are generated through work samples, weekly emails, and participation in GPP activities. We encourage work samples to be submitted every couple of weeks (or as things are completed) to reduce the workload at the end of each term.

GPP Curriculum Choices

As GPP is a more structured program, we ask that students use particular resources to complete grade 8 and 9 core subjects. Thus, we have developed our own curriculum choices for each core subject along with assignment or project guidelines. These include book work, use of online subscriptions and online activities with the GPP during the year. Please contact for information about these curriculum choices.

Students may also enroll in an online course. These online courses are written and marked by HCOS teachers and are outside of the GPP program and cost from $100-125 per course from non-restricted funds. More information on these courses can be found here.