Sponsor Highlights

Our sponsors are vital to ensuring every student is able to participate in a learning program that best suits their needs. We celebrate their generosity and belief in supporting families moving forward together to a brighter future.

Geoffrey Trotter Law Corporation Bursary

Geoffrey Trotter is a litigator practicing in Vancouver. In addition to his commercial, strata, and general civil litigation practice, he has been involved in many leading constitutional and human rights cases, with a particular emphasis on freedom of speech, religion, and association. Mr. Trotter has represented his clients before all levels of court in British Columbia, at the Supreme Court of Canada, and before various BC tribunals including the Human Rights Tribunal.

Geoffrey’s children have benefited from both HCOS’s registered and enrolled streams. Geoffrey and his wife so appreciate the excellence, flexibility, and faithfulness which characterize HCOS, enabling the unique needs and gifts of each child to be met and nurtured. In appreciation, the Geoffrey Trotter Law Corporation Bursary will help two families access the educational services of HCOS this fall.

Thank you to the Geoffrey Trotter Law Corporation for its generosity and kindness.

Top Homeschool Math

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Felix Andrei Personal Real Estate Bursary

"I have been helping families and individuals with their real estate needs for a good number of years. I am humbled and privileged to be given the opportunity and be trusted with offering honest and expert advice in what is likely a very important financial decision for most people. I love knowing that my clients are confident there is someone in their corner, working hard on their behalf. Although I sell real estate, people are my business." - Felix Andrei

House of James

House of James began as a coffeehouse ministry in July of 1970, on James Street in Mission, BC. This drop-in centre grew into a bookstore in 1973, on First Ave where Lando lived in the back with several other young men. The store was 12 feet wide by 50 feet long. With an initial investment of about $700, the journey began.

Lando moved to a larger location in 1976 and offered a wider array of books, bibles, and records. That same year, a young lady from Minnesota walked through the door and Lando took a liking to her. They were married in 1977, and three children followed shortly after.

As the store grew it became evident that a move to Abbotsford would be necessary to sustain long-term growth. On a weekend in May of 1983, the store moved to Bourquin Crescent, Little Oak Mall. The response from the community was overwhelming and the store began to expand and develop in great strides. In 1997 the store moved to its current location at 2743 Emerson Street in Abbotsford. It has weathered the storms of Amazon, iTunes, eBooks, and the constant onslaught of new technology.

The House of James Bursary will help approximately two students access educational services at HCOS in fall 2020.

Hub City Drywall Bursary

"HCOS and homeschooling has been an integral part of our lives for the last 12 years. We have taught 4 out of our 6 kids through HCOS with our oldest graduating next year and our fifth just starting this year! The high quality education and support that we have received from HCOS has been beyond amazing. We strongly believe that money should not have to be a deciding factor in whether or not a person can homeschool and receive high quality support. We hope that this financial help will be a blessing to others so they can continue their homeschooling journey without that added burden and will allow many to continue to be blessed by HCOS the same way that our family has." - the Parr Family

Supporting Safe Learning Environments

Beacon Lane Contracting, specializing in kitchens and custom finishing has been proudly operating on the Sunshine Coast for 14 years. Mark and Kathleen have built an outstanding reputation for integrity and excellence and truly love what they do. Their children and grandchildren have attended public and independent brick and mortar schools, as well as many years at HCOS, so they understand valuing choice for each child's needs. Owner Kathleen says, "I feel strongly about providing children with a safe and positive educational environment, and am happy to be part of this effort."

A Family Business Committed to Families

Signature Siding has been serving Okanagan residents since 2004. Owners Dave and Liz Poplawski believe that families should have access to educational programs that best suit their children's needs. Part of the HCOS family, we proudly support the mission and values of Heritage Christian Online School. With the plethora of unique courses and programs, HCOS offers flexibility and choice to help students achieve their educational goals, which would otherwise be difficult to obtain in a public school setting. There are others in situations where home education is the only choice for their children. Many families sacrifice a second income in order to home educate. Our hearts go out to those experiencing financial strain due to the increase in costs for home education due to the IDL funding cuts. We are so glad to help and be part of the solution. Please join us. Together, we can make a difference.

Supporting Personalized Education in BC

Fence ‘N More Supplies Ltd is a family business with over 25 years experience in the Kamloops area owned by Steve and Christine Grouhel. Taking care of the agricultural needs of their community gave them their start and they show their appreciation through unwavering dedication to integrity and quality.

In Spring 2020, in response to the massive government cuts facing semi-independent distributed learning, Fence ‘N More Supplies Ltd. established the Fence ‘N More Supplies Ltd. Bursary in order to keep this personalized form of education accessible to all. The Grouhel family believes in educational choice and finding the best fit for every child. They are aware that many families must sacrifice a second income in order to home educate and are happy to be able to help other members of the HCOS community!

Supporting BC Families from Across the Country

In Spring 2020, in response to the massive government cuts facing semi-independent distributed learning, Quebec Online School established the Quebec Online School Bursary in order to keep this personalized form of education accessible to all.

"Working with HCOS for the last 5 years has been not only one of the highlights of my academic career, but also a true reflection of what the Body of Christ looks one: one heart and one mind to see the families we serve rise to the highest standards possible, while honoring the uniqueness, the dignity and the value of every single student that joins our school. I feel privileged to be able to contribute in this way, to enable families to continue to benefit from the amazing teachers and resources of HCOS. " - Sinead Roy, Academic Head, Quebec Online School

Families Supporting Families

My son is actually currently participating at Heritage Christian Online School. We are disappointed about the cutting of funding from the Ministry of Education. We understand that we are not the only education sector being cut down on funding, but HCOS offers good programs and we wish that more students are able to participate! We are blessed to have the ability to donate and we wish everyone in HCOS can stay too!