Common Questions

Must meet Provincial Curriculum Competencies


Homeschooling parents must provide their children with an educational program, but are not required to meet the Provincial Curriculum Competencies.


We offer a flexible approach, to meet the curriculum competencies in ways that suit your family's educational philosophy.

Learning is guided and evaluated by a teacher


Homeschooling parents are independently responsible for the education of their children. We do however encourage our registered families to become a part of our supportive and dynamic online community.


Our teachers are here to support your child every step of the way through regular communication, planning, feedback and assessment.

Choose your own curriculum



Our team will work with you to build a comprehensive program for your child based around your preferred curriculum, our online curriculum, or a combination of both.

Receive Ministry of Education funding


The BC Ministry of Education provides minimal funding to the student’s school of record, which covers administrative expenses and limited curriculum support.


The BC Ministry of Education provides partial funding for DL students. HCOS provides a curriculum budget according to the tuition option you choose.

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Enrolling with our school is different than registering as a homeschooler. If you enroll with us, you have to be committed to the accountability required within our program. For many homeschoolers, enrolling with our program won't change the way they've always homeschooled, except that they'll be sending in samples of their children's work for assessment and they'll be communicating regularly with one of our teachers.

You can enroll for Online School by filling out the online Student Application Form.

Once you submit your enrollment application a copy is sent to our computers, to a secure database, and a confirmation e-mail is sent to you.

We provide maximum flexibility. Our options give families the broadest range of choice available, right from designing your own course of study to having an online, Christian school delivered to your student straight through your home computer - and anything in between. Our school is based upon Christian values through our dedicated, Christian teachers, staff and families.

  • Parents who are dedicated to home educating their child(ren) and are not philosophically opposed to the accountability required within a DL program.
  • Home-educators who are interested in working together with a teacher and a curriculum consultant to create a quality, individualized program of instruction for their child. For students grades K to 4 their curriculum will not be online based.
  • Distance Learners, particularly in Grades 5 to 12, who are seeking an entirely accredited Christian educational program through our online curriculum or with a combination of individualized courses.

The Student Learning Plan is designed according to the interests and learning needs of the student. Each SLP will be unique and will reflect the family's preferred method of learning. As a parent, you are in charge of supporting your child's learning by providing a suitable environment, offering educational resources to support the SLP, and communicating with your teacher in order to provide information for assessment. Our teachers are in charge of overseeing your child's education, supporting your child as they work towards the goals in the SLP and assessing your child's progress. Thus, the teacher, student, and parent work together as a team to help each student achieve his or her goals.

We recognize parents as integral to the education of their children.

In the Individualized approach your role is to collaborate with your child and teacher to design a unique Student Learning Plan, work with your teacher to assist your child in accomplishing the SLP, and assist your teacher with their assessment by submitting your child's portfolio and communicating regularly with your teacher.

If your child is enrolled in online courses it is your role to ensure that they are actively engaged in their studies, that they have access to an internet connected computer, and that they are communicating regularly with their teacher. You may also review all communication, via email, between your child and their teacher.

Our teachers are responsible for assessing your child.

In the individualized approach, we ask students to submit a rich portfolio of work three times per year. We also keep in contact with our families on a weekly basis. These online conversations are very important to our assessment process and help us to learn more about your child's actual progress. Through these conversations and the portfolio's submitted, we can track your child's progress through the Provincial Learning Outcomes (PLO's).

In online courses your child will receive a course by course assessment based upon the assignments and work submitted to their online teacher. The teacher will administer tests, often with your supervision. You will receive abundant communication via email regarding your child's progress in each course.

View our full assessment policy

In the Individualized approach the teacher's primary role is to guide, support and account for learning. Our teachers work with each family to help students achieve their goals as set out in the Student Learning Plan. Our teachers provide support, advice, and encouragement. They work hard to establish relationships with each home learning family. Our teachers oversee the assessment process and work together with the parent to ensure the PLO's are covered.

In the online courses our teachers mark most of the academic student work, communicate regularly with the student, offer synchronous instruction at scheduled times and perform the student assessment.

Yes! If you have chosen to use some of our online courses then your child will automatically be receiving Christian content in their curriculum. If you're using the individualized option then you're free to use your favourite Christian curriculum.

Yes! You are free to choose from all curriculum in consultation with your Support Teacher. We also have a curriculum consultant who is available to assist and advise you regarding available resources.

Yes! We offer support from kindergarten right through to graduation. Our students who fulfill graduation requirements receive the BC Dogwood High School Diploma.

Yes! We accept students from all regions in BC and aim to pair them with local teachers as best we can.

Individualized Courses

Heritage Christian Online School provides its families with a generous curriculum budget. We've arranged with a number of suppliers and vendors to provide for the curriculum needs of families. Resources can be purchased using student PO#s. The result is that parents are now able to receive their curriculum without having to incur personal expenses. All students receive a purchase order number, or PO Number, that is used for resource purchases. (A full list of vendors can be found here) All curriculum purchasing must be completed before May 15th of that same school year.

For K - 9, curriculum budgets are affected by the enrollment date.

  • Students enrolling before Sept. 30th receive the full budget amount.
  • Students enrolling between Sept. 30th and February 12th receive 50% of the full budget amount.
  • Students enrolling between February 13th and May 6th receive 25% of the full budget amount.

Grade 10 - 12 courses are funded on a per-course basis, and always receive full funding.

Online Courses

  • K-9: Online courses will be deducted from your curriculum budget. In some cases textbooks and/or hardware (headphones, microphone, etc.) may be required. These expenses are the responsibility of the family.
  • 10-12: There are no costs incurred for online courses. In some cases hardware (headphones, microphone, etc.) may be required. These expenses are the responsibility of the family.

If your child is registered with another school, and you wish to cross-enroll them in any of our online courses, please see

Yes! HCOS is set up to be flexible: we want to meet your child's learning needs.

We offer online courses from grades 5 - 12 and you're welcome to choose any number of our online courses for your child. (We encourage students in grades five to seven to limit their number of online courses.)

For Grades 5-9, when we loan an online course textbook, we will charge the full textbook cost to the family's curriculum budget. If the book is returned in reasonably good quality at the completion of the course, we will then credit the curriculum budget 2/3rds of the full cost of the textbook. Paperback books are a consumable resource, so they are no longer returnable. For Grades 10 to 12, textbooks remain the property of Heritage Christian Online School and must be returned. There is no credit available.

Our courses will work with the following:

Operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • Chrome OS
  • Linux

NOTE: An iPad is not suitable for most of our courses.

Web Browsers:

Office Suites:

Many courses will also require a printer, and a digital camera, or scanner.

Our tech support is experienced with all the technologies mentioned above, and can offer the most help in these areas.

*Lower versions of Internet Explorer or Safari should work on most courses, but may provide a less than optimal experience. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.

**Note that most teachers will not be able to open .pages files. Please save in Microsoft Office compatible formats (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx)

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All information you provide during the enrollment process is stored.

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Internet access is required to participate in the online school program.

Yes, an e-mail address is required for the guardian of the student; this e-mail address is required during the enrollment process.

Free e-mail addresses can be used such as Gmail, or