HCOS Student Outcomes

Total Student Outcomes

The following stated outcomes outline for our school society, administration, teachers, parents and students the goals we are working to achieve with each student. These outcomes provide for us the "map" we are following for every student. These outcomes should help in understanding what makes us distinct as a Christian School and similar as a school under the BC Ministry of Education.

Spiritual Outcomes

  • Every student of Heritage Christian Online School experiences relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ resulting in their becoming born-again disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Students will understand and encounter Jesus Christ in the following ways as presented by our staff, curriculum and spiritual program:
    • Primary Emphasis (Gr. K-3) - Jesus is our Loving God

      Focusing on the unique relationship between God and Creation particularly revealing His love for each and every one of us. (Introducing Him through the stories of the Bible.)

    • Intermediate Emphasis (Gr. 4-6): Jesus is our Saviour

      Focusing on the nature of sin, the redemptive work of Christ, the forgiveness of our sins and a personal acceptance of His mercy and restoration while learning to make choices in obedience to God's Word.

    • Middle School Emphasis (Gr. 7-9) - Jesus is our Lord

      Focusing on the confession of and commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ resulting in the personal choice and commitment to apply His reign in every decision of our lives.

    • High School Emphasis (Gr. 10-12) - Jesus is our Master

      Focusing on personal discipleship and spiritual understanding of Christ's Kingdom and how it relates to this world preparing our students to leave Heritage with a firm foundation to continue as strong disciples and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

  • Our students will see and understand our world through a Christian Worldview growing in every discipline, subject, skill, science and social interaction with biblical thinking and living.
  • Our students be introduced to and value experiences in and with the Holy Spirit and His gifts.

Intellectual and Academic Outcomes

  • Our students will see and understand every academic discipline through a Biblical perspective.
  • Our students will grow and develop in the academic disciplines of:
    • Language Arts

      which include reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking.

    • Humanities

      which include philosophy, literature, the arts, history and social sciences.

    • Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

    • Fine Arts

      which includes visual art, music and drama.

  • Students will develop critical thinking skills that they may learn to question, solve problems and make wise decisions.
  • Students will be prepared for post secondary education including Bible schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities.
  • Students will meet or exceed the academic learning outcomes of the Province of British Columbia as stated in the BC School Act.

Physical Fitness Outcomes

  • Students will understand and treat their bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • Students will learn, value and participate in:
    • A lifestyle of physical fitness and regular exercise
    • A healthy diet and nutritional eating habits
    • Personal hygiene and cleanliness
    • Personal safety and well being including an awareness of the dangers of all forms of substance abuse
  • Students will develop a godly attitude and participation in competitive sport, learning the dynamics of fair play, individual and team participation and always striving to do their best.

Social and Relational Outcomes

  • Our students understand, respect, value and submit to God ordained authority on all levels as they submit to His truth and purposes.
  • Our students understand, respect, value and submit to:
    • The family (defined in scriptures as a husband, wife and children)

      As the "primary" institution of God's order in all relationships.

    • The universal and local Church

      As God's means of discipleship and fellowship with other believers.

    • The secular government and it's institutions

      As God's ordained means of authority and order for our broader society.

  • Our students be dedicated to moral purity and to treat those of either gender with respect and dignity.
  • Our students understand and experience godly friendships with their peers based on trust, loyalty and quality communication supporting one another in their pursuit of a Christian lifestyle and experience.
  • Our students learn to walk in love, integrity and holiness in every relationship.

Vocational Preparedness Outcomes

  • Our students will have a broad and diverse understanding and experience of multiple vocational opportunities.
  • Our students will seek out their specific spiritual and natural giftings and abilities.
  • We help our students begin to discover their God ordained vocation and calling.
  • Our students are well equipped for post-secondary education or vocational training or apprenticeship programs.