Education Assistants

We are looking for Education Assistants to work one-on-one with students learning at home. The types of services we provide range from the work typically done by an Education Assistant to that of a Tutor. In some situations a student needs supervision and monitoring of their activities or someone to take them out in the community. In others, a student needs physical assistance with mobility and basic tasks. Some students are capable of the typical outcomes with some accommodations in terms of technological innovation. Students on a modified program can often have areas of strength and we are looking for individuals with the personal skills to work one-on-one to train the student.

All of our Education Assistants work on contract. HCOS will not retain EI, CPP or taxes on your behalf. In some situations, contractors may be required to obtain their own WorkSafeBC. If you are unfamiliar with contract work we suggest you look at the following websites. The first is a basic explanation on eHOW, the second is a detailed explanation from Canada Revenue Agency.

Please carefully read the following before proceeding to the application form:

  1. Read the Statement of Faith for Heritage Christian Online School
  2. Have your personal documentation ready to complete educational and employment history.
  3. Have a digital copy of your resume for upload.
  4. Have the information for three references that can attest to your skills, experience and character.
  5. Please read and review the Education Assistant Manual.
  6. Please provide documentation, (i.e. copies of degrees, certificates, and workshops) so we can carefully determine rate of pay.

We require teachers to provide us with their Teacher’s certification number. All other applicants may be required to complete a Criminal Record Check, which must be processed through the Ministry of Justice, at the applicant's expense (RCMP CRCs are not acceptable). Information will be provided to you if necessary.

Please complete our Application Form